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Anyone who has had a full-fledged panic attack knows how frightening they are. It feels like you cannot breathe and you are going to die. Sometimes doctors minimize your symptoms. It is "just a panic attack", or even worse "it is all in your mind". You know that it is in your body, and it is a very frightening thing. Many people find the commonly used medications are not very successful, or have side effects.

I use a very powerful, specific treatment program for panic.

Step 1: The first step involves working with the physical conditions that you experience when you have a panic attack. Once these are dealt with, the frequency and severity of your attacks will drop dramatically.

Woman Free of Panic AttacksStep 2: After reducing the physical symptoms and teaching you how to control the attacks, the next step is to work with the underlying anxiety that provokes the panic attacks in the first place. This stage is very important because if you don't resolve the underlying issue, it will continue to provoke panic symptoms.

Step 3: The third step in the process is to address fears and avoidance that have developed as a result of being afraid. Many people stop doing activities because they are afraid they will have a panic attack. In extreme cases, people stop going out entirely, which is called agoraphobia. With this step, you get your life back.

Typical Questions

How long does it take?
The actual process of dealing with panic attack itself can be very rapid. Typically clients begin to see reductions in their panic attacks in three to six weeks. The rest of the process, dealing with the underlying issues, stabilizing your ability to deal with panic attacks, dealing with any residual fears of having another attack, takes a variable length of time depending on what is setting up the attacks.

How successful is this?
This process is highly successful. Overall over 90% of people have substantial reductions in their attack frequency and severity, and many people never have another attack again. Many clients reduce or eliminate anxiety medications.


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