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Woman Running at SunriseNeurofeedback is a subset of Biofeedback. Most of the information discussed in the biofeedback section applies to Neurofeedback as well. The difference between Neurofeedback and Biofeedback is Neurofeedback is training the brain directly, rather than training the muscles or peripheral nerves, which is how Biofeedback works.

Neurofeedback has a disadvantage and an advantage over Biofeedback: Neurofeedback is somewhat harder to learn and therefore takes more sessions to "get it". However, training the brain directly allows for many more conditions to be treated then Biofeedback can treat. Some forms of anxiety are better treated with Neurofeedback than Biofeedback. This includes ADD, Head Injury, Depression. Neurofeedback is a very rapidly growing field and this list does not come near listing all of the conditions that Neurofeedback has been applied to.

I have heard that Neurofeedback is experimental. Is this true?

When you hear this, you need to look very carefully at the background of the person making the statement. If that person happens to be financed by a major pharmaceutical company, he has a vested interest in making sure that Neurofeedback does not develop.

Outcome studies show that Neurofeedback is as effective, or more effective than the respective medications for a given condition. That having been said, not all conditions haveBoard Certified been thoroughly investigated and not all have substantial outcome research. This is because the field is growing so rapidly that it takes time for thorough outcome research to be completed. The following conditions have solid outcome research to support their use: ADD, Epilepsy, Anxiety. Others were left off of this list because, although they have good clinical outcomes, they haven't had sufficient outcome research. For further information about Neurofeedback see the ISNR website as well as anxiety, panic, depression, trauma, and many other conditions.


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