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People who have done counseling often find Cognitive Behavioral Therapy quite different for the following reasons:

Man Rock ClimbingCognitive behavioral therapy focuses on issues in the present. We only look at the past in order to understand the choices and the belief systems that the client is living with in the present. Once we understand what the belief system is, the process is one of actively changing the beliefs and behaviors in the present.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is skilled based. This means that the client is developing tools,techniques, and skills to deal with unruly belief systems or out of control emotions. These tools will be useful in other situations, for the rest of your life. Because it is skill based, it requires practice like in any other skill, such as: learning a sport, learning music, driving. The client does have homework and does have to practice. Many people have reported that they liked this approach much better than supportive counseling. There is material to get their teeth into, they develop understanding, and they see change.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has substantial outcome research which shows that it is as successful for Depression and Anxiety as medication.


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