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Biofeedback literally means feeding back information about your physical body and using it to learn by. A simple example of this is measuring your weight, and changing your eating and exercise behavior as a result. Biofeedback is a special type of cognitive behavioral Man Running on Beachtraining that allows you to learn to control many physical functions that you would not expect to be able to control.

What is it used for?
Biofeedback can be used to help healthy people perform better in business, the arts, and sports as well as to help people with a wide variety of disorders. It is used by Olympic athletes and top musicians to enhance performance, executives to improve their management ability and for stress relief. It is used for a number of medical conditions andother emotional conditions. These are discussed below. See also Neurofeedback.

Why is this useful?
Cognitive behavioral training focuses on what we think and how we act. How we act internally, how we breathe, how we control our muscles and heart rate, and how we set our internal stress level and our reaction to perceived threat are very important to how we feel and how well we function.

Biofeedback allows us to become aware of what we are doing internally, and helps us to change it. These internal changes enhance the therapy process, allowing more rapid and effective changes than would be possible with counseling alone. A very good example of this is the Panic Attack treatment protocol.

It is surprising how often a physical symptom results from a bad attitude or an emotion. Most of the conditions that we call psychosomatic illnesses (Psycho meaning "mental or emotional" and Soma meaning body - Mind-Body illness) are addressable by biofeedback. This includes the whole category of stress illnesses, as well as anxiety, panic, depression, trauma, and many other conditions.

It also includes some medical conditions that you might be Board Certifiedsurprised by. These include headaches, PMS, certain pain conditions (irritable bowel syndrome has a psychosomatic component) and others: for example heart attack likelihood is affected by internal stress. For more information on the specific conditions that biofeedback is used with check out the AAPB website. The aapb provides information about Biofeedback.


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